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Has there ever been a passion that ran so deep that it could change the world around us?

The kind of passion that lights a fire deep inside someone that they never knew could exist.

The kind of passion that promotes a need to share it with everyone they meet.

We feel this kind of passion in our daily lives, and it has created a burning desire to share our secrets and grow the Lash Sisterhood. What if we could share the secrets and building blocks to obtaining the best career in the beauty industry?

Lash Training

The Lash Professional started with a passion for eyelash extensions.


A passion so strong that our founder wanted to share it with the world. She saw more in eyelash extensions than most would. To her, they became more than a way to make women pretty on the outside. She realized that eyelash extensions were a key to unlocking the strongest connection with women; a sisterhood. A connection that would bring out the inner beauty of both the lash artist, and her clients.

Eyelash extensions have become so much more than a fad, a trend, or a craze in our world. They have gained popularity steadily since their creation, and have become a permanent and deeply loved addition to the beauty industry. Women worldwide are eager to pay for the ability to say goodbye to mascara, and hello to effortless “I woke up like this” lashes. By earning their eyelash extension training certification through the top professionals in this industry, our students are investing in themselves, their clients, and their future through our detailed education.

Award Winning Lash Education!

The Lash Professional has spent years gathering our tried and true secrets of success. Our Education Team has constructed a fun and easy to follow eyelash extension process that anyone can learn. Each student will participate in a learning environment where the instructor can give them the hands-on direction they need. Also, the class sizes are kept very small to ensure that any time students encounter an issue or have a question, they will be taken care of immediately. Why? Because, the Lash Professional takes pride in each and every lash training course they hold.

Our education lash training classes are made up of two parts; theory and practical.


During the theory portion of our classes, our students will follow along with our master instructors through a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive eyelash extension education manual. This education manual contains over 100 pages of easy to follow, in depth material that can be referenced for years to come as a lash artist. We promise to make the theory as fun and interactive as the practical! No boring lecture hall here- consider it a group discussion with a few of your newest girlfriends. Lash training can be fun! It is fun with The Lash Professional.


The second half of our lash training classes will allow students to start practicing their new skills. Our instructors will gently guide them through their first ever full set. They will assist our students with every question and concern in a warm and encouraging manner. Each student kit contains everything needed to begin their journey to success as a lash artist. These complementary master education training kits (valued at over $500!) will provide our students with the chance to use our most favorite lash products and supplies so they can become theirs, too! We know that our students will fall in love with the world of eyelash extensions, just as we have.

Our hope is to create the coziest, cleanest, most professional settings for our students to learn as much as they possibly can with us. Students will be given all the tools they need for success; our extensive education manual, exclusive supply kits, and distraction free learning zones! We have the firm belief that our students will leave this education course having made new friendships and memories to cherish for life.

As The Lash Professionals, we believe women are capable of incredible things. We believe anything can be achieved through the support of sisterhood. Together, we will take on the lash world.


 Come see for yourself the wonderful possibilities these services can unlock in your career!

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