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I’ve been using The Lash Professional for awhile now and I’m absolutely loving their products! The quality is amazing. The volume fans are very easy to grab and they create the perfect fan. The lash glue gives my clients the retention I’ve been looking for. Most of my 2 weeks fills come back with at least 65% of their extensions still going strong. Plus, their customer service is awesome!!!

– Filechia
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Hey Lash Sister! Why should you choose us for all your lash supplies?

Our customers and their lash supplies are at the top of our priority list. We put time, effort, love, and detail into each of our lash products and individual orders. Each product has been quality tested, because we won’t accept less than perfect for our eyelash babes. That’s why we also offer Free Standard Shipping on ALL U.S. orders. That’s right, all of them. Highest quality lash supplies, free, no-hassle shipping and returns, and the best customer service imaginable. Let us show you your new home in the industry, lash sister.

Together, we will take on this beautiful lash world.

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